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A New Year… a New Opportunity to Become an Entrepreneur

Do you have an idea? A business idea that tumbles around in the back of your mind and makes you contemplate becoming an entrepreneur? It’s 2016. This could be your year to make a commitment to testing your idea, talking to other people about it, and yes building a company to turn that idea into a reality. Starting a business is an exciting process and a lot of people begin their businesses from home and then watch it grow into the company that they dreamed it would turn into. There are many ways to begin growing your business from home, but with many entrepreneurs saying “i use a virtual office for my home business” it is impossible to not agree that having a professional setup and business address to start with is a great way to begin your business. It certainly won’t be easy, but tools like robotic process automation will make a lot of tasks much more efficient.

Is the entrepreneurship journey an easy one… no. Is it full of spine-tingling excitement, the power to do what you believe is best, and the upside of making a living doing something you love… yes! It may seem impossible, but you can and should take the first step to become an entrepreneur. There may be days where you feel like you can’t do it and want to give up, but you need to keep yourself inspired and aspire for success in the future. You can do this in different ways; for some people, reading other entrepreneurs’ accomplishments, like the incredibly successful financier Adam Blumenthal and his story in owning a private equity firm worth $1.2 billion in capital. Reading other’s success and their tactics might make you learn something too, for the improvement of your own company. Of course, to be an entrepreneur you need a certain skillset to ensure you achieve success. Taking courses on negotiation could help equip you for your journey by improving your ability to get the best deal out of a situation. Those kinds of skills are extremely important to every entrepreneur. Would you feel more comfortable if you had a step-by-step guide that walked you from idea all the way to exit while telling you how to succeed at each step and what it feels like? I have written that guide, in the form of the book that I wish was available when I started my first company in 2007. I have also woven in the wisdom and advice from over 25 prominent female founders, entrepreneurs and top ranking executives.

The wild and wonderful world of entrepreneurship awaits you… so take a deep breath and pick up my guide for female founders. The first step is always the hardest, and you can do this!

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