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Elegant Entrepreneur Viewed & Reviewed Through the Eyes of a Social Worker

“As a social worker who knows the struggle of attempting to go into business for one’s self, I regard Elegant Entrepreneur as a tremendous resource for women. While it is geared toward entrepreneurs, it is also extremely helpful for the savvy female professional who is seeking to increase her intelligence quotient around business and professional opportunities in a more general sense.  While perhaps not always ideal, gender continues to matter significantly in today’s society and business world, as the average woman knows full well.  Navigating this world and its accompanying challenges often requires a sense of confidence and ingenuity that can be very fragile when you are trying something new or are first starting out.  Thus, this how-to guide for entrepreneurs, written specifically from the perspective of a woman and for the express purpose of supporting other women, is a refreshing and much needed resource.

As a licensed therapist, I paid special attention to the sections at the end of each chapter, titled “How It Feels”.  I found the “How It Feels” feature extremely helpful and very much in keeping with the author’s commitment to honor the female perspective, as wise women know that feelings often point us toward insights, both business and personal, that we might be tempted to overlook.  Elegant Entrepreneur shows women how to see potential obstacles as opportunities and how to avoid common pitfalls that can derail otherwise excellent business ideas.  It is an easy and enjoyable read for women of all professional backgrounds.”

-Sara S.

Author’s note: Elegant Entrepreneur is not only beneficial to entrepreneurs. Even if you have not founded a company, you most likely work for one. Understanding the fundamentals of how a business is built and what it needs to grow provides any reader with the vocabulary and knowledge base necessary to engage in valuable conversations and projects.

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