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The Elegant Entrepreneur Kirkus Review: A Well-Styled, Illuminating Guide

If you’re not living in the world of books and authors you may not know what a Kirkus review is, so let me explain. In 1906 Virginia Kirkus was hired by Harper & Brothers to create a children’s book department. The department was closed in 1932 (for about a year), so Kirkus left and soon established her own book review service. Initially, she arranged to receive galley proofs of “20 or so” books in advance of their publication; almost 80 years later, the service was receiving hundreds of books weekly and reviewed approximately 100.  I love this example of an early female founder turning a setback into an opportunity to build a business!

A good Kirkus review is the holy grail of any book and the wish of every author. You submit an early edition eons before your book goes to print, and you hope and pray (and worry) for a good review. The Elegant Entrepreneur Kirkus review was just published… and it’s great!! I must admit that I opened the review document with trepidation, but that emotion quickly morphed into sheer joy!

Here is a brief snippet of the review: Tate defines “elegant” as “insights that provide pleasingly ingenious and simple concepts.” While she is specifically referring to valuable entrepreneurial ideas, this term also applies to her overall primer. Tate provides helpful encapsulations of potentially dry and/or intimidating business topics (including pitch decks, Porter Five Forces Analysis, etc.) and an array of succinct stories highlighting her moxie and missteps, including using Twitter as the “backdoor” to reach an elusive potential partner as well as having to exit a flawed partnership that she ventured into beyond MissNowMrs. Tate’s female focus feels a bit wedged into this narrative, however, since her advice is largely applicable to both genders.

The Kirkus reviewer’s final analysis of my book was: A well-styled, illuminating startup guide.

If you want to read the entire Kirkus review please check it out here!

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