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When Dreams Become Reality: Elegant Entrepreneur is Available on Amazon

As I wrote Elegant Entrepreneur late at night, early in the morning, on weekends, and vacation I poured my heart and soul into it. 850 hours of writing, editing, interviewing, tweaking, and perfecting later my book is finished! Throughout that journey I kept thinking of the day my book would launch. Part of me was so excited to show it to the world and help other women entrepreneurs and part of me worried that the launch would never happen (if you know me you know that I always finish what I start, but it was a true worry).

Today is the day. My dreams and ideas have transformed into a tangible book that is now available on! While I have launched a few startups, this is my first book. I am excited, proud, eager, and curious about what adventures lie ahead. Now that the launch has happened I am looking forward to reviews. I want to know what inspires readers, what they like and what they learned. Eventually I would love to hear the stories of how my book helped ideas grow into businesses and women into female founders. That will be truly amazing!

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