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Elegant Insights Shared at the Elegant Entrepreneur Launch Party

I love entrepreneurs, especially women entrepreneurs… so instead of having a traditional book launch party for Elegant Entrepreneur, I chose to use the event to shine a spotlight on the value of female founders, the obstacles we face, and (most importantly) SOLUTIONS to help more women startup and scale businesses. The feeling of having 1776 overflowing with DCs most exceptional entrepreneurs, a panel comprised of my favorite book contributors, and champagne pouring all evening was truly a life moment.

Below are some of the insights shared by industry moguls, venture capitalists, female accelerator founders as we discussed our views, experiences, and my mission to lower the barriers to entry and success for female founders.

Panelist Insights:

“We have more grit than we know and show. We have to build our confidence – recognize your strengths!” -Caren Merrick

“We can help women to think about what they bring the table and what is important to them. This then won’t be a hurdle anymore” -Amy Millman

“You must be passionate and standup for what you believe in. You will be respected for it.” – Camille Alexander

Jonathon Perrelli challenged everyone: “If you see something missing, especially in an unfair situation, do something. There is always support.”


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