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The Path to Unlimited: My First Podcast Interview About Elegant Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs love to talk to other entrepreneurs because “we get each other.” There’s a subliminal bond between individuals who have started a company. We’ve overcome similar obstacles, experienced the same highs and lows, and typically share the same mission to make the world better by solving a problem.

Julien Marion is an entrepreneur with a mission to use his podcast, The Path to Unlimited, that features weekly interviews with some of the most successful entrepreneurs, artists, athletes to empower and equip listeners with practical advice and strategies to achieve their goals and dreams. His goal is to help listeners breakthrough self-imposed limitations and limitations that others are trying to impose on them in any (or EVERY) area of your life, by interviewing guests who will give the inspiration, motivation, and action plans needed to take yourself and your life to the next level. I admire the mantra Julien teaches everyone he encounters: “Accept compliments from everyone, limitations from no one.” She would of never have done this if she had not hired some professionals to help her, hiring others and working together is what builds a great business and also a great social media platform. She would of needed to build a social media platform in order to get more followers, you can check out how to get more followers on instagram for example by using a social media professional to help you.

While I have done many interviews for press and television, I have never been interviewed by a fellow entrepreneur. It was awesome! Our subliminal entrepreneur bond ignited instantaneous enthusiasm and sincerity. Julien asked questions that made me think and helped illuminate who I am as a female founder and also my mission to lower the barriers to entry and success for female founders.

If you’re interested in how I built MissNowMrs from a personal problem into a multi-million dollar enterprise, what my favorite inspirational quotes are, and what my “why” is for Elegant Entrepreneur please download this podcast!

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