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A Female Founder Brewing Social Change With Tea

Stories of women entrepreneurs solving problems experienced by women of the world always inspire me. I want to highlight one such story about a company that is at the forefront of Women Empowerment and is making the world a better place for women. Have you heard about the Rooftop Tea Company? When it’s founder, Cheyenne Tessier, was in Cairo, she noticed that it, like most other cities I had visited in the developing world, had an abundance of unused concrete rooftops and millions of women living under them who could not access economic opportunities because their family responsibilities required them to stay home. Tessier’s solution to this problem of wasted space and under-employed women: tea gardens.

Rooftop Tea Company sources all of its tea from the rooftop gardens of women who, though the profits earned from their plants, are able to earn an income in an environmentally-friendly way. The best part of this ingenious solution is what the women do with their money. Women who earn wages from their tea gardens typically invest in education and healthcare. These are things that break the cycle of poverty for these women and their families.

So, if you are a tea-drinker such as myself consider purchasing tea at Your tea bags will come with a tag that provides a tracking number and the name of the female farmer who grew your tea. What a lovely way to appreciate the woman who grew your tea. In order to enjoy your tea properly, you need to make sure it’s in your favorite mug. Most people already have a favorite mug, but if you don’t, you might want to consider purchasing Mugs personnalisés (personalized mugs) online. That could easily become your favorite mug. You can then enter the tracking number on their website to meet the woman who grew your tea and see the progress your purchase helped make for her and her community.