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O Magazine: A Lesson in Confidence

Being a female founder and author definitely has its perks. Today I was in New York to meet with the editor of O Magazine (you know… Oprah’s magazine)! I have supreme respect for Oprah as a self-made mogul. She has turned failure into success, and overcome obstacles as so many entrepreneurs do. Did you know she was fired from her job as a Baltimore news anchor before she launched her wildly popular Oprah Winfrey show? Little did she know that that failure put her on the road to success.

It was exciting and validating to discuss Elegant Entrepreneur and my mission to help more women start and scale companies with a magazine editor. Datun had read my book and asked excellent questions. Having the opportunity to share why I wrote the book and why women entrepreneurs are important with him was a dream come true. I have my fingers crossed that great things will come from our meeting. But, if they don’t I still left with a huge confidence boost. Confidence in the quality of my book and the value of my voice and mission.

Heading up to my meeting at the Hearst Building

Heading up to my meeting at the Hearst Building



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