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The Elegant Entrepreneur Audiobook is Funded & Recorded!

You know that feeling of excitement and anxiety when you decide to take a leap into something new? Like when you’ve buckled yourself into the seat of a new roller coaster and it’s clicking and clacking upwards? That’s how I felt when I launched the Kickstarter to fund the audiobook version of Elegant Entrepreneur.

I believed whole-heartedly that aspiring women entrepreneurs could benefit from the ability to listen to my book on almost any phone, anywhere in the world. Certain scoffers said that “women in other countries need food and water, not an audiobook aimed to turn them into entrepreneurs.” While there are many communities that do need food and water, there are also “women in the middle” in every country on the globe. Smart, educated women who have ideas but lack a business education. Those are the women I want to reach and empower.

Why KickStart the audiobook? I wanted to raise awareness around women entrepreneurs, as well as start conversations about what the world would be like with more women-led companies. Thousands of people received emails about the Kickstarter campaign. 92 chose to donate, and through their generosity my dream has become a reality!

In the vein of leaping into something new, I narrated the audiobook myself. It was pointed out to me that these were my stories, and who else would be better to tell them. Reviewers on Amazon  have repeatedly shared that as they read my book they feel as though they are being walked through the startup process by a trusted friend. These factors helped me decide that my voice was the right one to share the Elegant Entrepreneur story.

Walking into the recording studio, I had no idea what I was about to experience. Day after day of four hour blocks, I read through the twelve chapters of my book. Re-reading parts to make sure they were perfect, and re-living the experience of writing Elegant Entrepreneur. At the end I was exhausted, and proud. Proud of myself for accomplishing my goal, proud of my work, and proud of the people who cared enough about my mission and women entrepreneurs to open their wallets and give my dream wings.

Thank you to everyone who donated, emailed, shared, and cared. I am truly blessed to have you as friends, family, and colleagues. The ripple effect will begin early next week as I send links to partners who will distribute them to women entrepreneurs in Thailand, many countries in Africa, Pakistan, and beyond. Should you know any women-focused incubators, accelerators, or entrepreneur groups, please list them in a comment. The more places I can donate this audiobook, the better!

Elegant Entrepreneur KickStarter

One thought on “The Elegant Entrepreneur Audiobook is Funded & Recorded!

  1. Jona / Reply February 2, 2017 at 10:52 pm

    I needed to thank you for this wonderful read!!
    I definitely enjoyed every little bit of it.
    I have got you bookmarked to check out new stuff you

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