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Elegant Entrepreneur Explained

This video explains who I am, why I wrote Elegant Entrepreneur, and highlights some of the amazing women entrepreneurs who added their advice for aspiring female founders.

As an accidental entrepreneur, I read countless business and startup books as I built and launched I learned a great deal of important things like using Payroll Software, but never truly connected with a book that “had it all”…so I wrote one. Elegant Entrepreneur is everything I looked for as an aspiring female founder. It’s 1/3 straight forward how-to advice for building from idea to exit, 1/3 real-life examples and emotions from my own startup journey, and 1/3 advice from 25 amazing women entrepreneurs.

I sincerely hope women read Elegant Entrepreneur, understand how to build their idea into a profitable business, how to utilize outside resources learning the benefits of outsourcing payroll, accounting, I.T. and other sources, and then take an educated leap into the wonderful world of entrepreneurship. It will be an amazing moment when I meet or receive an email from a woman who used my book as a tool and was inspired to launch her own company. So, if that is you please do email me or message me on Facebook or Instagram with your startup success story!

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