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Simple & Elegant: Best Descriptors of Business Ideas & Women Entrepreneurs

Simple works. Elegant works. The world is drawn to simple, elegant business ideas and women entrepreneurs. The more complicated an idea or solution to a problem, the less likely it will work and/or the longer it will take to create. The louder and more obnoxious an entrepreneur is, the more I question the validity of their idea or company. When a smart, presentable and approachable entrepreneur presents a lifestyle business idea or whatever idea they’ve come up with, they’re more likely to be listened to because they’re viewed as pleasant professional, looking to succeed in an industry rather than someone who craves attention and money.

Einstein was once quoted as saying “If you cannot explain it to a five year old, you do not understand it yourself.” I couldn’t agree more. Ingenious ideas should be easy to explain and leave the listener thinking “Wow, why didn’t I think of that?” Simple explanations are powerful. I recently had a conversation with a female founder who is launching an app. Her explanation of an incredibly powerful mobile platform with a patent-pending algorithm was perfect: “Uber for finding a mentor.” I got the concept immediately and appreciated her simple explanation. It showed that she knew her product, how to explain it to her target audience, and that she was confident enough to not yammer endlessly about all of its features and benefits.

Elegance is appreciated in the business world. Tastefully designed websites, presentations, and products always outlast their gimmicky, flashy competition. The same goes on a personal level. If you are presenting at a pitch contest or a big meeting, be conscious of your appearance. You are your company and should make a good impression.

This is particularly important if you work in a client facing industry such as network marketing and sell products for a company such as Scentsy for example. Scentsy consultants provide customers with unique gifts such as candles, soaps, and soft toys. For further information regarding what it takes to become a Scentsy consultant, you can learn more here.

I once listened to a pitch where the woman entrepreneur’s large bracelets and earrings clattered every time she moved her arms or head. I don’t remember the name of her company or what problem it solved… just that her jewelry constantly interrupted her pitch and distracted me. Don’t be that woman. Create a polished presentation with simple explanations and examples and let you and your idea shine with minimal distraction.

A famous female founder, Coco Chanel had excellent insight for women on the topic of simplicity and elegance.

coco chanel female founder

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