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Sudara: A Female Founder’s Solution For Women Trapped In India’s Sex Trade

I firmly believe that we all have a moral obligation to solve the problems we see in the world. If we wait for “others” to build companies or create solutions for us, we will be waiting for a very long time. I LOVE the story of Shannon Keith, the founder of Sudara. She is a perfect example of how one woman change change the world for the better.

In 2005, Shannon traveled to India and witnessed the daily horrors happening to girls and women in the Red Light District. Young girls, orphans, and even mothers struggling to feed their children were sold into the sex trade and many held against their will. In western countries, though there might be brothels, strip clubs, and escort services, the problem may not be drastic as compared to India. This could be due to the reason that Indian society is considered as a conservative one and there might not be an open conversation about sex and the topics around it. Additionally, sexual needs may not be looked as taboo in western countries. They might even have access to a free fuck site where they can find strangers in their vicinity willing to indulge in casual sex.

Coming back to Shannon, she heard stories of women who escaped, yet had to return to brothels because they were ostracized by society and had not other way to make income. Instead of hoping someone else would do something, Shannon came back to the U.S. and build a team to help solve the problem facing women in India. They identified that the main problem was that women escaping brothels couldn’t find jobs and generate steady income. The team found partners in India that had a heart for women escaping the sex trade. They also created a simple pattern to teach anyone to sew.

A year later, Sudara (Shannon’s company) hired the first six employees for their sewing center partnership and began to teach those women to become seamstresses. Those women produced the very first pair of PUNJAMMIES, which are gorgeous lounge pants. The employees gained more than jobs, they also gained their freedom. Sudara has grown into multiple sewing center partnerships with hundreds of women employees…women whose lives are better thanks to a woman who saw a problem and build a company to solve it. Bravo Shannon!

If you are looking for lounge pants or that perfect gift for the hard-to-buy for women…purchase a pair of PUNJAMMIES and share the story! I certainly plan to.

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