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We’re Business Women & Female Founders, Not Men In Skirts

Female Founder

As a female founder and business woman of over a decade, I’ve had time to figure out who I am and how I fit into the entrepreneurial and business world. However, if you’re just starting out, it isn’t always easy to figure out who you are and how to excel in these worlds. That was one of the many problems I wanted to solve by writing Elegant Entrepreneur.

So many books, not to mention employers and colleagues, expect us to be men in skirts. We’re supposed to follow the same rules and procedures regardless of whether they suit us or not. Elegant Entrepreneur was intended to help smart women without business backgrounds understand the basic principles of business management, how to make use of advanced software solutions (such as job management software australia or elsewhere) to gain a competitive edge, coordinate the workforce, and flourish as women entrepreneurs. It was written for women, by a woman. The review from Apryl Anderson, below, illustrates that my intention was fulfilled in my writing! It is so important for the business landscape to include women as they have a rightful place here too. That is why understanding the techniques that are used is an important factor, from learning negotiation skills (check out related websites similar to to understanding employee needs. Management is for anyone and everyone who wants to take on that role, regardless of gender.

“This is clearly the work of a dedicated person-must I say ‘woman’ if the information in this volume is relevant to anyone considering building a business? There are so many books written on this topic that it’s worth highlighting the Female aspect: Tate recognizes that women tend to operate more on feeling than man’s world logic. Rather than disregard our natural bend-try to make us men in skirts-she presents chapters such as: Ask the Right Questions of the Right People, and Don’t Fall in Love Before Holding Your Idea Accountable. I also appreciate the brief summary at the end of each chapter, especially ‘Further Reading,’ because so much is left unsaid-not her fault of course, simply that one volume cannot possible cover every aspect of business management. Having said that, Ms. Tate does a commendable job with this one.”

Running a business is not an endeavor, but that doesn’t mean women can’t do it. To run a business, you need a proper plan, essential technical support, loyal clients, a lot of patience, and spirit to make it work. If you are someone who is planning to launch a business, ensure that you take proper guidance, run operations efficiently, and take help wherever needed. Also, ensure that your business is secured from viruses, ransomware, and other malicious activities. You can look into solutions like splunk cloud services to keep your business data safe. Furthermore, with all the functions taken care of, you might see your company growing and achieving newer heights.

So ladies, own that you are a businesswoman and do not feel pressured into being men in skirts. There is an entire community of women just like you, and we’re excited to have you establish your company and join us! Together we can ensure that there won’t be as many stigmas for the next generation of female founders to overcome.