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Female Founder Friday: Laura Fredericks

Female Founder Friday Laura Fredericks

It’s Female Founder Friday again! Time to spotlight another amazing woman entrepreneur and her company. Let me introduce you to Laura Fredericks, a 1776 alum and also a soon-to-be MASS Challenge alum with a very cool startup, Describli.

Describli provides a suite of tools that help authors discover their audience, find more readers in their niche, and customize their marketing strategy to fit their readers. Authors can track sales, manage social media engagement, and experiment with new marketing methods from one simple platform. Our data and analytics give you unique insights about your books, the tools to act on those insights, and the time to get back to writing. When it comes to social media, it can be hard to crack the algorithms in order to get Instagram followers, so tools such as these can be extremely beneficial. Of course, if you’re a first time user of these tools, read customer testimonials about HashTags for Likes to learn about how to grow your social media following and like count.

– Authors need a more reliable way to make decisions about how to market their work, and who to market to. We believe data and analytics help authors make smarter decisions and reach a more strategic audience.

– We are currently accepting authors to the private beta for Describli, which is being offered to beta users at beta users for free (a $35/month value). Authors can sign up at!

What is your favorite thing about being a female founder?

I think the sense of community has gotten really strong over the last few years. Female entrepreneurs are helping each other to navigate the ecosystem and find power in being female, instead of thinking of it in any way as a disadvantage. We’re sticking together and building stronger startups because of it! We give each other some much-needed advice when we need it the most. We all have our own personal strengths and weaknesses. If one person is looking to expand their social media presence, you’ll always have someone telling you that you can get Instagram growth with Nitreo, or a similar company. When you are truly stuck and have nowhere to turn to, we are there to pick each other up and to continue creating our success.

What is your advice for an aspiring female founder?

I would advise other female founders to consider the motivations of the people that you’re dealing with, and give others the benefit of the doubt. It’s pretty rare that someone is trying to be deliberately sexist or biased; a lot of bad experiences are instead based on miscommunications or unconscious bias. If you have a bad experience, take the opportunity to act professionally, educate if it’s appropriate, and move on with building a great company.

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