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Hub Dot DC: Alchemy & Interesting Women

Hub Dot DC Danielle Tate

When I was asked to share my story with the ladies of Hub Dot, I wondered “What is Hub Dot?” I had heard mention of the group, and knew it involved women networking…but had nothing else to go on. Of course I said, “yes.” and was instructed to tell my entrepreneurial and authorship story in 1 minute. That wasn’t a typo, I literally had 1 minute to convey the series of events that have resulted in who I am today. I naturally speak succinctly, but it took some finessing to get a decade into 60 seconds!

Upon arriving at the Hub Dot event at MakeOffices I learned that 10 women would be sharing their stories. Really cool women like Lisa Throckmorton of Speaker Box PR, Julia Westfall of HeraHub, and Davine Ker, the first Cambodian female comedian. Imagine how interesting it would be to learn why/how such diverse women became entrepreneurs in a rapid-fire 10 minute span. This is a concept I can get behind. As I met the other speakers we all shared our stories, and as we met other women they shared theirs. That sharing of stories is the “special sauce” that makes HubDot very different from other networking groups. There are no name tags with titles and companies. Each woman selects a colored dot upon arriving to show what she’s looking for or able to share and that dot helps other women approach you. I went for red and purple dots that evening.

Hub Dot DC Dots

It works. Instead of people scanning a room and determining what person might be a good contact, women met other women, drank wine, and made connections. Hub Dot uses something called Dot Alchemy (which honestly sounds very Harry Potterish) to find 2-3 women they believe are best for you to meet based on the information you submit when you register for the event. It was a ton of fun to go through the room and see if I could find my matches, as there weren’t name tags to help. In the end I learned that Hub Dot is women sharing stories and finding ways to support each other. If you’re looking for that sort of environment, sign up for their next event. I certainly plan to!

Hub Dot DC Women