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Letter to the Next President on Behalf of Women Entrepreneurs


As the election looms closer, one woman entrepreneur decided to write a letter to the future president on behalf of women entrepreneurs in the United States. Regardless of who becomes the next president, it is important that that person understand the needs of female founders and the benefits supporting us will bring to our country….you know things like raising the GDP by $30 billion (with a b) dollars.

Below is a direct quote from this letter:

“While women are starting businesses twice as fast as men, they face unique challenges, including experiencing disproportionately high failure rates, receiving only seven percent of venture capital and being represented in only seven percent of media stories. Through leadership and sound public policy, our country can benefit from the economic and social opportunity women entrepreneurs cultivate.”

Three main points were made and detailed on behalf of the president supporting female founders:

  1. Foster women’s entrepreneurship through access to and development of financial and human capital
  2. Increases female founder’s access to local and global networks and markets
  3. Help women entrepreneurs thrive in the ever-changing face of technology


The letter and points raised are excellent, but what makes it even more powerful is the fact that over 80 prominent entrepreneurs (mostly women) signed this letter and cc’ed the members of Congress. Read the full contents of the letter here, and feel proud that you are being advocated for and know that we will all stand together to help women entrepreneurs succeed!