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The Top Four Newsletters to Keep Women Entrepreneurs Informed, NOT Inundated

As women entrepreneurs, we are overloaded with information. There is a constant stream of data about our startups, our team, our customers, our and our metrics… and that’s just around our companies. When you add in all of the details about our country, the world economy, our families, and friends there is enough information to drown in.

So, how can female founders stay in-tune with what’s going on in the world without overdosing on data? I will share what works for me. I stopped watching the news. The constant stream of terror, murder, bad policy, and sensationalism was not an added benefit to my life. One cannot be success living in a vacuum of information, so my new source of daily world and business information are newsletters. Below are the four newsletters that keep me connected yet sane.

The Skimm

This newsletter was created by two former female NBC journalists who realized that women were too busy to keep up with the headlines and that negatively affected them at work. Monday through Friday they deliver a quick “skim” of the top news stories with links if you want a deeper dive on a particular topic. They’re smart, sarcastic, and even cover sports news so you have something to say no matter who you’re talking business with.

The Dash

If social media is important to your business, the dash gives the freshest content around. Instead of scaring readers that everything is changing again… they give expert advice on how the change may affect your business and the best tactics to leverage the latest rollout on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the myriad of other social media platforms, such as using sites like to grow your following. I value the expertise and brevity of this weekly newsletter from the geniuses at MeetEdgar. That sort of advice would be extremely useful for any businesses that are wanting to grow their accounts with interesting content. Posting regularly is also a good idea. However, businesses that are still struggling might also want to consider using a Twitter growth service, such as Tweepi. To find out if Tweepi is legitimate, entrepreneurs could always do some research online to see if it’s safe to use. Hopefully, by using a growth service and posting good content, businesses should see an improvement on social media.

The Hustle

I subscribed to The Hustle a few weeks ago, and I must say that I am impressed. They deliver daily stories from the realms of business, tech, and culture that are important to know about. The header image always amuses me, and I have already looked smarter by mentioning some of their stories to colleagues (and it’s hard to impress my CTO.)

DC Inno

This newsletter is customizable (daily, bi-weekly, one a week top stories, or breaking news as it happens), which I love. Their articles cover startup, tech, and venture capital happenings in and around the city. Giving readers an accurate pulse point of business in the nation’s capital. Don’t live in DC? There are Inno newsletters for Boston, Chicago, and Austin.

Happy reading everyone… and feel free to leave a comment with the newsletter that you love if I missed it!