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The Top 3 Entrepreneurship Books Written By Women in 2016

It’s encouraging to see more and more books written on the topic of entrepreneurship and startups. It is even more exciting that several outstanding entrepreneurial books were authored by women in 2016. Why is it exciting? It means that the opinions and voices of women on the topic of entrepreneurship are being read and providing an invaluable female perspective. I certainly wish these books had been around when I was searching for books during the founding of my first company.

The Conscious Entrepreneur

This book was written to help entrepreneurs understand problems in their businesses and how they tie to problems within themselves. Six core principles for achieving transformational change simultaneously make “self help/business help” doable for busy business owners. The tip “If you spot it, you’ve got it.” was an excellent reminder for me personally and as an entrepreneur. The book also covers finances and how you can raise money for any business ideas you might have. It covers how you can crowdfund, get loans from banks, or even learn how to buy shares uk to raise the capital by yourself. Author, Laura C. Cannon is a serial entrepreneur and minister, so she is well equipped to tackle both sides of the entrepreneur/business equation.

Raising An Entrepreneur

This in-depth study of what over 60 successful entrepreneurs’ parents had in common in their child-rearing methods distills 10 key elements to raising risk-taking, problem-solving, and change making kids. I loved the candid parenting stories and decisions behind some of today’s well-know entrepreneurs. This book made me re-evaluate several of my parenting ideas and has changed how I am raising my son. Margot Machol Bisnow, the author, has raised two amazing sons and has given parents of the world a gift of insight into how to raise their own amazing children and allow them to be exactly who they were meant to be.

Elegant Entrepreneur

I debated skipping my book out of modesty, but as the top-rated startup book on Amazon, I felt I had to include it in my list. Elegant Entrepreneur was written to help more smart women with ideas startup and scale up companies. It’s something of a crash course MBA, with real-life examples, resources, and advice. Women see and react to the business world differently so a guide for women entrepreneurs was needed. I am the founder of a multi-million dollar company, MissNowMrs, and have spent a decade growing up with my startup. I believe that women make the ultimate entrepreneurs…they just have to get started!

So, if you haven’t read The Conscious Entrepreneur, Raising An Entrepreneur, and Elegant Entrepreneur put them at the top of your 2017 reading list!


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