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Female Founder Friday: Laura Roeder

It’s Female Founder Friday… time to highlight the journey of a woman entrepreneur who made the leap in her early 20’s! Today I am delighted for you to hear from Laura Roeder, the founder of MeetEdgar. I heard Laura speak on a podcast and immediately knew I desperately needed her tool. MeetEdgar is a social media scheduling tool that allows you to create folders of content, schedule that content, and then endlessly recycle the content so that you consistently engage with your audience on Facebook and Twitter.

Get ready for a candid glimpse into Laura’s startup journey. If you have ever wondered what your life would be like if you left your 9 to 5, her answers are a must-read!

What inspired you to create your company?

Independence! I quit my first job when I was 22, because I was determined to work for myself. I had no clients and no leads, but stepping out on my own was a risk worth taking if it meant answering only to myself from there on out!


What was the biggest obstacle and failure in going from idea to business?

Learning how to stop doing things that FEEL like they’re working, but aren’t. I actually learned this way back when I was first starting out, doing client work and hustling hard in Chicago! For months I’d regularly get up early and drag myself to in-person “networking events” that supposedly helped people find opportunities, which seemed like a good idea at the time. But after a few months, I took a hard look at how many clients I’d actually found from spending my time at those things, and the answer was ZERO. I never went to one again – and I learned that doing stuff that FEELS right isn’t nearly as important as getting results.


What’s next?

Growing MeetEdgar! I’ve been blown away by Edgar’s success since we launched the tool in 2014. Growth is consistent, our team has expanded to more than three times its original size, and our product actually makes a huge difference in the lives of thousands of entrepreneurs! Having gotten where we are feels like a big win, and right now I’m focused on keeping up that growth while sticking to the company values that have helped us get here.


Please share your best piece of advice for aspiring female founders.

Don’t be afraid to do things differently! People are going to question you no matter what, whether you’re trying to fit into an existing mold or throwing out conventional wisdom entirely. One of the best parts of being a founder is the freedom to do things your way, so don’t waste that opportunity by trying to follow someone else’s path to success!