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4 Beauty Must-Haves for Women Entrepreneurs

As women entrepreneurs we do everything male entrepreneurs do while balancing beauty (and many times motherhood.) Our appearance matters, even though it shouldn’t. Remember the Capital One slogan “What’s in your wallet?” This is what’s in my purse… the four items that help me look polished and feel poised even when I’m exhausted. While you can find a range of great health products reviewed on sites like, most of us only have room for a handful in our purse. So if you’re a busy female founder, here are my secrets.

Touche Eclat

I received an advertisement stating that this highlighter was the equivalent of 8 hours of sleep in a tube. SOLD! I couldn’t order it fast enough. A quick swipe and dark circles vanish. The packaging is elegant and makes application simple and mess-free. Touche Eclat is my go-to gift to new founders and new mothers.

A High Performance Scent

If you don’t have a signature “high performance” scent, you need one. Whether it be one of the Gabrielle Chanel products, or a variety of other perfumes and scents for all occasions, having something you can quickly spritz yourself with in the work environment can work wonders. I have perfumes for work, play, weekends, and vacations. The different scents help me transition into the various aspects of my life. Before a big meeting or presentation, a quick spritz of Modern Muse triggers my A game. I suggest keeping a mini of your “high performance” scent in your purse.

Red Lipstick

Red lipstick is like warpaint for women. It boosts confidence and commands attention. One of my friends lives in Canada and works as an escorte montreal (escort working in Montreal). She is probably one of the most glamorous women I know and she never leaves home without applying a generous coating of her favourite red lipstick. Much like perfumes, I have several different reds in my bag: the early morning red, the power meeting red, and the soft weekend red. I treat myself to a new Chanel lipstick for my birthday each year to keep my collection updated.

Sleep Masques

As women entrepreneurs we rarely have twenty extra minutes for a traditional face masque, but could absolutely use the pampering. Enter the sleep masque. You put it on before bed (or sleeping on a plane – be it commercial or a private Jettly flight) and the ingredients soak in overnight. You’re multi-tasking while you sleep and the result is a fresh face.

I hope these tips and products make your life as a female founder easier and more beautiful!