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Female Founder Friday: Anjali Varma

It’s Female Founder Friday, and I am delighted to introduce you to woman entrepreneur, Anjali Varma! Anjali is the owner of the Bethesda Kidville franchise and the founder of The Modern Mompreneur.

After getting her BBA & MBA, 8 years of corporate marketing, 7 years of owning a six-figure business, 4 years of building a successful online brand, some business let downs, and many business wins, Anjali realized she was in a unique position to educate and inspire fellow female entrepreneurs! It is now her mission to share resources, best practices, learnings from other successful entrepreneurs, and inspiration with current and aspiring mompreneurs. With a Youtube channel, online course, in-person and online communities to manage along with two sons, Anjali is one busy successful lady!

If you’re a busy mom with a business idea, Anjali’s answers to my questions are particularly pertinent!

What inspired you to create your company?

As the owner of a Kidville franchise, I began regularly doing PR and local speaking engagements to build awareness about my business. I repeatedly had women coming up to me and asking me how I built my business, got my own PR, and how I manage the worlds of business and home. I created my site and YouTube channel The Modern Mompreneur and my Facebook Group Mompreneur Tribe to connect, educate, and inspire these mom entrepreneurs. I hope to bring together women who can share and learn from one another and provide resources to help mom entrepreneurs better manage their businesses and their home life.

What was your biggest obstacle and failure in going from idea to business?

It is challenging to build an audience in the noisy, online world. Additionally, monetizing in the online space can be challenging. At first building an online following on YouTube was difficult, but after persevering, and posting regular and engaging content, my view count and subscribers slowly began to rise. Nowadays, there are websites like that can help you to grow your YouTube following, so if you are looking for a way to boost your YouTube channel, you could definitely check them out. That being said, there is so much more to YouTube than just building your subscriber count. If your videos are not getting likes and comments, then it is unlikely that your videos are making the impact that they should be. Moreover, it is for this reason that some people now buy Youtube likes to give their content a little extra help. Ultimately, the choice is up to you. Although organic growth is strongly encouraged, there is no harm in experimenting with YouTube marketing tools and strategies. Accordingly, are you thinking of going it alone? If so, you will need to do a lot of research online. Correspondingly, if you are interested in starting a business, a great place to begin is asking what is solopreneurship?

What’s next?

A couple of exciting new projects. First, I am going to start coaching aspiring and current mompreneurs – providing strategy on how to launch and/or grow their business in areas like branding, strategy, social media, marketing, and business development. Additionally, I will be launching a podcast which will be a natural extension of my current YouTube channel – the podcast will include interviews with high profile mompreneurs and industry experts who will provide tips on business & lifestyle topics.

Please share your best piece of advice for aspiring female founders.

I’m still trying to take this advice I am about to dish out, so it is always a work in progress! But, I would say: Stay positive and stick to it! Every entrepreneur is going to face setbacks along the way. If you are passionate and believe in your business then you have to remain persistent and stick with it regardless of the roadblocks. And it is much easier to handle the setbacks if you remain positive and try to enjoy throughout the process!

If you had a theme song what would it be?

“Here Comes The Sun” by the Beatles – that is my “happy song” or “go-to” song that will always boost my mood and help to sprinkle in a bit of positivity when needed.

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