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5 Entrepreneur Takeaways From Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman and Women Entrepreneurs

With all of the rave reviews about Wonder Woman, I decided to go see it. A female-produced action film starring a female superhero was something I wanted to support and witness. It’s a little sad how revolutionary that concept is, especially when there’s been plenty of female-led comics in the world of Marvel and DC (more information can be found about the comics as a whole here). I expected to enjoy the movie, but I didn’t anticipate being motivated as a woman entrepreneur. The movie was really good and I did enjoy it. I would recommend that any other women or Marvel fans consider watching it too. It will soon be out on DVD, but people could always look on Pirate Bay if they wanted to download it and watch it at home. Some countries will require a proxy to access that website, so make sure to find a reliable one at (learn more here). Hopefully, that will allow more people to watch this movie.

These are my five entrepreneurship takeaways from Wonder Woman:

Women can do anything.

A female-led action film with an army of Amazonian women reminded me how strong and powerful women are separately, and when they work together. I experience this every day in the world of women entrepreneurs, but seeing it on the big screen was incredibly compelling.

If there aren’t handholds… make them.

There is a scene where Diana looses her hand hold and immediately begins punching holes in a stone wall to climb up it. This scene resonated with me. Diana didn’t fall and she didn’t wait for someone to rescue her. Instead, she literally made her way to the top. Entrepreneurs continuously encounter situations where they have to engineer their own solutions to achieve their goals.

If you need to flip a tank, do so.

Diana was saving a village from German invaders and hurled a tank that was blocking her. The tank is a metaphor. Whatever is in your way, no matter how big it is, can be moved. Nothing can stop you, unless you give it permission.

Love matters.

Love is what makes humans do great things, it motivates unselfish behaviors, and sometimes even changes the world. When a person loves their business or the customers they are helping, it helps them transcend incredible difficulties. I don’t think a traditional male-centric action movie could have incorporated that message effectively, but this film nailed it.