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Female Founder Friday: Megan Saulsbury

It’s Female Founder Friday, and I’m happy to share the startup story of woman entrepreneur, Megan Saulsbury. Megan is the founder of  Canyon PR, a firm that focuses on technology and lifestyle products as well as accessories. Most Canyon PR clients are searching to increase brand awareness and generate media exposure in their target markets. Megan’s firm works with a variety of clients worldwide, both large and small, and has created individualized, strategic PR campaigns designed to help each client reach their growth and business goals.

So, if you’re interested in starting a public relations firm, or are seeking the inspiration to leave your job and become a female founder, don’t miss Megan’s candid answers to my questions below.

What inspired you to create your company?

I have always been passionate about public relations, and was so hungry to learn more about the industry and grow in my career. A few years in, I hit a plateau where I was not being challenged and realized I needed more. Starting Canyon PR was the perfect opportunity to challenge myself and grow further in my career.

What was your biggest obstacle and failure in going from idea to business?

The biggest obstacle I encountered (and still do at times), is simply that I’m a little fish in a big pond. I offer the same services as larger companies. However, I always give my clients personal attention that they may not receive at larger agencies. It can be challenging to prove to potential clients that I’m just as good (if not better!) than a larger company.

What’s next?

I’m actually going through a transition right now.  I’m rebuilding my business but keeping the same foundation, which is my passion for what I do. I’ve been working on changing my messaging, updating company press materials, and revamping my website to be more in line with my focus.

What is a life or business hack that you recommend to help other female founders?

Whether it’s for business or your personal life, I strongly encourage that you check in with yourself on a regular basis. It’s so easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but I think it’s so important to take the time to check in with yourself and make sure you’re taking care of yourself, mind, body and soul.

If you had a theme song what would it be and why?

“Don’t Stop Believing,” by Journey. As an entrepreneur, it’s so easy to give in to self-doubt and question if you can really “make it”. Since day one, I’ve always felt the fire in my soul to keep doing what I’m doing and to simply believe in myself. If you can believe in yourself and all that you’re capable of, you’ve set the foundation for a beautiful journey.

Please share your best piece of advice for aspiring female founders.

Do not ever let anyone tell you how you “should” be. The heart speaks so strong if you take the time to listen to it and can be a wonderful guiding light. I would encourage my younger self and anyone starting a company to always listen to their heart and believe in themselves.

Woman Entrepreneur Megan Saulsbury


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