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A Tool Bridging the Entrepreneurial Communications Gap

Entrepreneur Communication

Entrepreneurs are idea people. Some of us have a technical background, and some of us don’t. We all see solutions when other people see problems, or we see frustrations as opportunities to innovate. How we “see” sets entrepreneurs apart from most of the population, but how we “talk” can separate us from each other and from creating the solutions and innovations in our heads.

When I founded MissNowMrs, I had had the idea to create a form-automation SAAS product for brides. How many of you read SAAS and either wondered what it was or Googled it? SAAS stands for Software As A Service. I certainly didn’t know what SAAS was when I started my entrepreneurial journey, despite the fact that that was the format of the solution what I was building. I managed to stumble along, read HTML For Dummies, and eventually self-educate on technical terminology. Sounds super fun and fast right?

One of the most common sentences I hear from almost-entrepreneurs is “I have this amazing idea, but I don’t know how to build it.” The problem is identified, and only the tenacious ones take the time to figure out how to explain their solution, learn what systems might support it, and look for someone with technical experience to guide them. The rest never get past the “not knowing how barrier, and that bothers me.

Fortunately, you do not have to go through the same struggle. The awesome entrepreneurs at Hatch have created a site to help bridge the gap between “non-technical” folks, and their more technical counterparts. It’s called How to Talk Tech and it’s a free and interactive technical glossary to help people speak with their developers, product managers…and the other techie people in their lives.

The site’s flashcards teach and review basic technology vocabulary and computer science terms. They may not be as technical as, say, these Java Interview Questions (which you could use if you felt confident enough to during any interviews), but it’s a godsend to non-technical entrepreneurs as you hire, manage, and collaborate with software engineers, your CTO, or other members of your technical team.

No need to struggle, stumble, and feel dumb. The tool you need is waiting for you. Kudos to the Hatch team for find a way to foster the communication that is necessary to create innovation!

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