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Female Founder Friday: Aviva Goldfarb

It’s Female Founder Friday and I am ecstatic to introduce you to one of my favorite women entrepreneurs, Aviva Goldfarb. Aviva is the founder of The Six O’Clock Scramble family meal planner, which she sold earlier this year, and the author of four cookbooks. […]

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Female Founder Friday: Rachel Koretsky

It’s Female Founder Friday, and I’m pleased to introduce you to the woman entrepreneur behind Upace, Rachel Koretsky. Rachel’s company is the first customizable, two-sided mobile platform that offers real-time business functions and member interactions that boost usage, retention, and operational […]

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The Top Four Newsletters to Keep Women Entrepreneurs Informed, NOT Inundated

As women entrepreneurs, we are overloaded with information. There is a constant stream of data about our startups, our team, our customers, our and our metrics… and that’s just around our companies. When you add in all of the details […]

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