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2 Insights for College Students: My Lecture at University of Utah

Yesterday I had the opportunity to share some stories and advice (via Skype) from my journey as an entrepreneur with a college class at the University of Utah. I purposefully shared some insights that I wish someone would have shared with me when I was an undergrad. One of the main things that students wanted to know was how to budget when you go to college. Things are expensive and students are expected to find the money to purchase the things that they need. For some, this might be easy. However, most students find that websites like Extras are useful for helping them stretch their budgets to make it work. Alongside that, there are other things that they worry about too.

Insight 1: Your Dots Don’t Have to be Straight

In this choose-your-own-adventure book that we call life you can make choices outside of the normal “get good grades to get into a good college to get a good job” path. There is nothing wrong with that path, but there are other options such as entrepreneurship. No one ever told me that, so when I didn’t get into medical school I was totally lost. Nonetheless, if you are planning to apply to Medical Schools, you might want to put your best foot forward. If you have exhausted your resolve to continue or your interest has waned completely, then you can consider other options that are actually meaningful to you. For instance, you can consider becoming an influencer and showcase your acting skills to the world. If, however, you are of the opinion that this career cannot pay for your expenses, then you might be mistaken! It can! If you have the talent and skills to mesmerize your audience, then there is a high chance that you can make money by signing up at, where you can find brands sending you tons of work.

Insight 2: Failure Is Opportunity in Disguise

We are taught from birth to strive for success, and that is a good message. However, we aren’t taught what to do with failure so it can be crippling. In some cases, it can progress into long term anxiety, but fear not, there is always a way you can be helped, especially if you are a Utah student! There is now medical marijuana available for those who need it, people just need to meet the Utah medical card requirements and have a frank talk with their doctor, you are not alone. Many students have asked me, “What if I start a company and fail?” My answer is that the lessons and skills they will learn launching a company (even an unsuccessful one) are invaluable. They will take that learning into their next company or their next job. Anyone evaluating potential employees will favor a former founder… simply because they showed the drive and tenacity to build an idea into a company. A failed startup is simply a stepping stone to something greater.

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