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A Business Tip For Female Founders

As women entrepreneurs, we are experts at juggling multiple tasks and initiatives at the same time. What a decade as a woman in business has taught me is that despite our abilities and the insanity of startup life, you must focus your efforts.

My advice? Think of the single most important thing you can do for your business today, and do it. Whether it is picking up the phone and calling a potential partner, putting your head down and finishing an ad campaign to promote a new product, or number-crunching to determine the best way to drive today’s sales, once you pinpoint the biggest way to improve your business today… do it immediately! Whether it is a task as simple as making sure your staff are happy with the new coffee machine or ensuring you have the right service dispatch software for sending employees out. Don’t make a to-do list or check your email. Sit down and commit to completing the task that improves your business and then moves on to lesser tasks and projects. I know a lot of entrepreneurs try to kickstart their businesses by looking into SEO services as part of their marketing. This has been known to help a lot of small businesses before now, so it might be worth getting in contact with a company like Outreach Pete to see if they can help a business to get more website traffic and clients. This should positively impact your business, so it might be worth using SEO for marketing. Some entrepreneurs try to carry out every task themselves to save on costs, but sometimes that can be counterproductive, especially if you’re not SEO savvy. It’s best to get SEO Quotes so that you can focus your attention on other aspects of the business.

Tremendous discipline is required to make this focus/commitment change, but if you can train yourself the rewards are tremendous. By allocating your time to the most important task, you ensure it gets done. This helps grow your business or eliminate something that is hurting your business, be it a lack of phone systems Melbourne has to offer, or other digital solutions that could benefit your business. It also saves you a great deal of energy that is usually spent on procrastination and worry. You can use that energy reserve to work on more projects and feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of each day.

I’ve shared a business tip that has made a difference in my business and life. I challenge you to absorb and implement it. Set a goal of spending a week using the first moments at your desk determining your most important/productive task for your business and doing it. I would love to hear about your experiences and accomplishments in a comment!