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My Interview with Judy Goss on What Women Want Radio

As a female founder and CEO I have had many opportunities to participate in television and radio interviews. However, I have never been interviewed by a woman who has enjoyed various roles as a top fashion model, editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine, editor of MORE Magazine, author, TV host, mother of twins, and CEO. I thought I wore a lot of hats!

Judy Goss hosts a radio show called What Women Want. On it she discusses hot topics like dating and relationships, growing your spiritual side, building your business and career, tips for surviving motherhood, health concerns for women and more! While Judy certainly has the bandwidth to supply advice on all of those topics, she chooses to interview other women on her show.

I was honored to discuss my book, “Elegant Entrepreneur,” and my views on women entrepreneurs with Judy and Joanna Kroetz, author of “Being Equal Doesn’t Mean Being the Same.” While our books are different, they have the same purpose: to empower women to become confident entrepreneurs. We talked about the three traits we felt make women excellent entrepreneurs, some pitfalls to avoid, and examples of female founders doing amazing things with their companies.

Click HERE to download and listen to our live show!