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Airbnb Coach – My New Adventure

Wondering why my new adventure is being an Airbnb coach? As a woman entrepreneur, I have always had an eye out for new opportunities and trends. When you see one – you embrace it! Airbnb investing is truly the easiest way I have seen/experienced to create the financial freedom you need to live a life that you love.

Our journey started with one Airbnb investment, and quickly scaled to a portfolio of 10. This allowed us to test our investment theories as well as the Airbnb platform algorithms, honing our skill set to purchase, list, and promote Airbnbs that are 95% occupied and create sizable cash flow with minimum day-to-day stress. This of course led to writing Host Coach, our book explaining the 12 steps to short-term rental success.

Culin and I are now Airbnb coaches. We enjoy meeting new investors from around the world, examining their markets, optimizing their listings, and helping them implement systems and software to streamline their efforts and maximize their cash flow. Personally, I love hearing clients share what they’re doing with their new-found financial freedom! Once someone is unchained from their desk, they are free to do the things they love in life. Many times this is traveling, volunteering, and spending more time with people they love.

Elegant Entrepreneur was written to create a ripple effect of more smart women starting businesses – even if they didn’t have an MBA. I’m very proud to be continuing that effort with Host Coach. Did you know that women make up more than 50% of Airbnb hosts and experience providers? These smart women are cashing in on an opportunity that can be a side hustle or fully cover their cost of living, depending on what they are looking for.

If you are curious how you can hop on the Airbnb opportunity, there are several ways to learn more: read or listen to Host Coach, head to our Airbnb coaching website to book a free coaching call, or tune in to the Host Coach podcast – which will launch in May, 2023!